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Creating special speakers to be admired and enjoyed

Angel Acoustics was born from a burning desire to create the best sounding speakers in a form that would also stand out from the rest and last for decades - for the 'Purists' and Audiophiles.

To achieve this goal, advanced audio design software and equipment were employed in conjunction with modern engineering software, using only premium quality components and superior workmanship. 

Our mission is to create something very special that will last for a lifetime and provide exceptional listening enjoyment, while being unique, attractive and robust.

Each speaker is handcrafted in Australia using only the best materials, components and specialised workmanship skills to deliver an exceptional and unique piece of art.

Our marketing strategy is to only sell directly to the end user and by doing this, our customers benefit substantially by receiving more value at a lower cost. You get it directly from the manufacturer!

All our premium quality materials and components are sourced from the USA, England, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Italy and Australia.

Our speakers are designed and tested using the most advanced audio equipment and design software available, such as DATS V3, OmniMic, SoundEasy, REW, XSim, and AutoCAD, to ensure that they meet and exceed our expectations. State of the art sound playback equipment was also used during the extensive listening tests, to fine tune the final result.

The speaker is the heart and soul of every sound system and is by far the most important piece of equipment, being the biggest contributor to the overall sound quality.

Clint Steyn


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