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Two year warranty in Australia against faulty components and/or workmanship only, from the date of original purchase.

Proof of purchase may be required for a warranty claim.

This warranty does not extend to any other person/entity and terminates if you sell or transfer the speakers to another person/entity.

Limited to the repair of the equipment (which could be a repair or replacement at our discretion).

All handling, transport and transport insurance costs associated with any warranty claim is not covered by our warranty policy.

This warranty excludes fair wear and tear and damage caused by; abuse, negligence, environmental deterioration, excessive UV exposure, liquids, high moisture, dust, sand, extreme temperatures, power surges, lightning, power (wattage)/voltage (volts)/current (amps) input above specifications, incorrect connection, batteries, modifications, tampering with the product and damages caused by faulty or unsuitable ancillary equipment.

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