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We would like to specifically thank the below persons and companies for their valued input and support throughout this challenging journey:

  • My wife Lynette and our two children (Seth and Demi) for putting up with thousands of sweeps and endless listening sessions.

  • Bill and Bruce (Woodwork Machinery ... Plus - Australia)

  • Sean (Galvin Engineering - Australia)

  • John (Custom Die and Tooling - Australia)

  • Nigel  (SpeakerBug - Authorised Jantzen Distributor for Australia)

  • Byron, Irene, Earl, Kyri, Tim, Bianca, Tristan, Michael, Ankie, Bob, Vince, John, Danielle and Gareth - endless hours of beta tonal testings.

  • Remi (Specialised CNC Engineering)

  • Mundorf  - Germany

  • Seas - Norway

  • Mark 

  • Scott 

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